Which VPN router to use in 2017

Data integrity and IT cost effectiveness are two main reasons to use VPN by multinationals. However to make full use of the advantages of VPN a good VPN router is also a must. To make the technical decision easy you can check up with reviews of best VPN on AntaNet website. Below is the list of all most renowned routers that should be used for VPN connection in 2017.

  1. TP-Link TL-Wr842nd N300 Multi-Function Wireless Router

TP-link definitely needs no introduction as it is a renowned company that makes routers for all network types. TL-Wr842nd is updated from the previous version that has been launched. Some of the qualities of this router are as under:

  • Multi-functional, can be used with various VPN network devices
  • Cost effectiveness is a feature for which TP link is known for
  • The antennas can be removed which is a superb option for a low-cost device
  • The firmware supports all network types and router can also be installed with DD-WRT for a wider range of options.
  • Option of updating firmware for added options
  1. Asus RT-AC5300

If you are experiencing low VPN connectivity, then this router is definitely worth giving a shot. The best thing is the external antennas that are 8 in number. In terms of technical specs this router surpasses all the other brands in the market. Some features are:

  • Fast connectivity allows you stream 4K video
  • Multi input/output ports make it the best choice for gaming networks
  • With wider tech specs, it is easy to install and configure
  • With four transmit and receive configurations this router transfer data swiftly.
  • The dual-core CPU makes the device even efficient
  1. Linksys Business Gigabit VPN router

Quality and reliability are synonymous to Linksys. The same level of professionalism has been embedded into the making of this device. As the name suggests it is for the business use that requires large VPN setups. Accessing the intranet with this router is secure and safe. Some abilities of the device are:

  • The name depicts that gigabit connections are fully handled by this device which means increased speed.
  • All mobile OS are supported and the devices can be securely connected
  • The layered security allows data encryption that cannot be decrypted by the attacker
  • Minimum use of network devices to transmit data making is safer to use.
  • It is easy to purchase and use additional functions for the device.
  1. ZYXEL 300 Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Firewall VPN Router (Vfg6005n)

The best thing about this router is its portability. Now you can access your company or home intranet on the move with this smart and sleek device. ZYXEL has even made setting up VPN easy and affordable. The features include:

  • No IT professional is needed. Even a novice can operate this router with ease.
  • The router also works if VPN is out of order as it has embedded 3G and 4G modem technology
  • ZYXEL has made VPN connection easy in any environment of this device is used.
  • The data to and from the device is transferred in gigabytes which means fast speed

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