This is why you are going to love Newsletters

The increasing number of companies begin to give their attention to the collection of extensive data about their customers. Due to the omnipresence of mobile communication, virtually 100% of customers even have a mobile phone, which, of course, allows sending and receiving SMS messages. The rapidly developing mobile ecosystem assists businesses in creating simply stunning conditions for efficient SMS marketing methods implementation.

Through SMS-mailing a company can establish instant rapport with their customers. The goal is hardly achievable in the realms of desktop PCs or mobile devices to the degree of SMS marketing. In addition, the efficiency of SMS marketing campaigns is pretty easy to evaluate. However, the use of mobile phones and desktop versions of software for organizing SMS-mailing excludes the possibility of their implementation in different business processes (CRM-system, accounting software and etc.).

Each company depending on its type and market position tunes the technology to its own needs, mostly using web-interfaces to launch mass mailings, aiming at:

  • attracting new customers,
  • maintaining relationships with old customers,
  • improving communication within the company’s personnel
  • attracting customers to products and services
  • notifying the customers of the latest release, updates and etc.

Another strong SMS marketing advantage is a large percentage of response due to the fact that each message is delivered to the subscriber in person (as opposed to the traditional ways of advertising), plus the subscribers are likely to receive SMS messages rather than tons of email advertising.

Creating a decent newsletter

Here’s a quick guide on how to produce an effective newsletter, kindly prepared by HTP, digital marketing agency Manchester, the company nourishing particular interest in email marketing.

Before you engage in design and produce text content, the target audience should be defined. In the language of marketers, this means you should ‘personally get acquainted with recipients’. Once you figure out the potential subscriber group and inspect their behavior, the process of collecting database and delivering your message will be way simpler.

The types of newsletter subscribers

Let’s consider the example of the users that subscribed to your newsletter through some service or website you run. Who are these people? The type of subscription reveals particularly vital info: thus, the customers are likely to subscribe to your newsletter during checkout, all the rest groups can be referred to general audience. However, if you do not have any subscribers yet, think about the nature of your target audience? What are the best channels and methods to acquire the high quality database? What do you think an average subscriber considers to be vital and valuable?

Treating your subscribers right

If you are a publisher or blogger, your subscribers are likely to be interested in text content. If you are engaged in trading or manufacturing, the potential subscribers may appreciate some juicy info on your products and the ways they can benefit from using them. If you are somewhere in between these two business, ideally, your target audience will consist of your brand fans.

The golden rule is to share something truly captivating, exciting and/or useful. If you are considering the option of acquiring the database, investigate its nature and do your best to find out as many details as you can – split your campaigns into several groups and determine the types of content that you could include in mailing for each group. Therefore, you will certainly make another step to higher conversion. However, if you are looking to dramatically increase the conversion rate, you should better team up with the experts – this is where HTP digital marketing Manchester agency will always come to the rescue, sky-high resutls are guaranteed.

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