Construction Sites Organisation & Lifting Equipment Role

The organization of construction and installation work is inextricably linked to technology implementation. The construction of buildings and structures should be carried out in strict accordance with the applicable procedures of works (PPR) and technological rules. These documents highlight the key issues of organization of the construction site, production methods and sequence of installation, the number and qualification of workers in the field, the circuit arrangement of machines, used equipment and accessories.

Technological maps provide the following data: basic instructions for construction and installation process, the work schedule, the circuit layout designs and details on the on-site warehouse with the uninterrupted supply of all phases of construction (installation of foundations, erection of walls, installation of a roof), instructions for slinging designs and a sequence of moving them to the installation site.

Improving the organization and technology

Construction and installation work improvement contributes to way more rational crane functionality use. Truck mounted cranes as mounting machines are used for the installation of low-rise buildings (up to 5 floors) or the underground part of multi-storey buildings. Granada Material Handling Company, a seasoned manufacturing player based in England, focused on a variety of aspects including lifting equipment inspection and lifting equipment services, admits nearly 13% of its customers represent building establishments. As auxiliary machinery mobile cranes form the part of the sets of machines performing installation of buildings and structures for various purposes.

With the construction of low-rise buildings prefabricated mobile cranes are used to unload these elements on the on-site warehouse and move them to the installation site. Installation of the building maintains a separate mechanism. Crane delivers engineering structures and parts to the installation site in their design position, moving around the perimeter of the building under construction.


Foundation blocks are also typically mounted by cranes moving on the brow of the pit. Because of the relatively small departure hook truck cranes cannot perform this type of installation. In specialized construction companies for the installation of the underground part special machines are used, but in some cases, especially if it is economically disadvantageous to use a special machine, you can set the foundation blocks with the help of a truck crane of suitable capacity. In order to increase the bearing capacity the crane is placed next to a special concrete slab.


During the installation work it is advisable to organize the process so that before the end of the installation on the same site crane serves one permanent team of builders. With this approach, builders and crane operator tend to develop common methods of work and improve coherence, thereby increasing productivity in the assembly of structures.


To reduce the time to set the alignment and fastening elements in the design position installers prepare the corresponding conductors, bridges and other devices. Simultaneously, they inspect and clean the components, and particularly the elements that connect parts serving for the connection with the previously established building elements.

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