Crucial characteristics of sustainable buildings

There is a rising demand for the sustainable or green building which has minimal impact on the environment. You can save 20% of your entire construction expenses by adopting green ways of construction and design.

Green buildings also help in cutting down on pollution and being energy efficient. The process of green construction starts from the design stage and goes well beyond the completion of the project.

Certain characteristics are common in sustainable buildings all over the world. Let’s check out the main factors which make a building green.

Features of sustainable buildings

What should a sustainable building have? Here is a look.

1. Pre-construction

Green buildings aim to lessen environmental impact by making the minimum change to the topography. That means lower trees will be cut down and canals are left free.

Also, many green buildings are made of lands which have been previously developed.

2. Construction method

The materials and process of construction use tools and technology which creates the lower environmental footprint. Unnecessary finish materials are generally avoided with the aim of use as fewer materials as possible.

Building information modeling is suitable to design a green building integrating all the sustainability considerations.

3. Energy efficient

Walls are made with better insulation so that they absorb or block the heat and moisture outside. As a result, your room stays cool. The location of windows is carefully chosen with low SHGC glass which blocks the sun’s radiation.

Both lower the load on your air conditioning and offer savings on utility bills.

Many green buildings also promote the use of alternative energy like solar power to reduce the carbon footprint. The main idea is to make the building consume as less energy as possible drawing most of it from renewable sources.

4. Water conservation

An efficient delivery system of water and recycling activities contribute towards water conservation in green buildings. The water fittings like faucets and flush methods also consume less water.

Some buildings have rains water harvesting systems. The water from the rain is stored to be used for different purposes. Green roofs with plantation also help in water catchment and also reduce pollution.

5. Clean air

Pollution, dust particles and the general quality of the air in cities lead to many respiratory diseases. Efficient HVAC systems and the placement of ducts, their sealing, and various other factors try to keep the air clean.

You also have advanced air filtration systems exhaust air recycling to get fresh air. The cool air escaping the building is used to lower the temperature of incoming air with a tool called enthalpy wheel.

It also cuts down the humidity and lowers the power consumed by air conditioners.

6. Vegetation

The large areas of concrete in a city absorb and radiate the sun’s heat to the surroundings.  The unpaved areas of the buildings are used for vegetation which absorbs pollution and lower the heat urban island effect.

Planting can also help in rainwater absorption.

The first step in constructing  green buildings starts with a sound BIM consulting.

Diving in UK – tips to have the best weekend ever

Did you know that the United Kingdom has some of the best possible places to go for diving? Well, this article will present you the best options for a great diving weekend, without spending too much. Affordable prices and amazing places to discover, UK awaits its visitors to have the time of their life. Plus, you will have the opportunity to know more about the VR3 Dive Computerwhich is not a trend among passionate people. Keep reading if you’d like to start scheduling the weekend of your dreams in UK.

What will I need in order to be able to dive in UK?

There are a few things that represent completely essential accessories you will have to take with you in case you enjoy diving. First of all, think about investing in a dry-suit or a wet-suit. These are capable of protecting you from all kinds of damaging factors that you will encounter when going underwater. Thinking about the weather in UK, the best possible time you can choose for diving is the beginning of fall. Choose September, October or even November for the best experience possible.

You should not try diving in UK at the beginning of spring or the end of winter because during this period you won’t be able to comfortably enjoy your activity because of the cold. Of course, if you are brave enough you can try diving all year round, no matter the weather and discover the beauties of the underwater world during different times. Remember to choose your equipment according to the time of the year you are programming your experience. Many people enjoy diving, swimming, and sports making, but there some people who have different hobbies – they are game-lovers. If you belong to them you can have some fun spending some time on the website ValleyGames, providing a large variety of online casino reviews and news to help you to make right decision.

An investment worth making

Second thing you will want to invest into is a VR3 Dive Computer. You should read reviews before buying one and you’ll see how efficient are if you want to go for diving around the coast. Even though it might be a bit complicated to set up, once you manage to do it you will be surprised with the benefits it has. Reading the manual with patience should do the work, so give yourself some time regarding using it. Be cautious about your first dives using this device until you start getting comfortable with it.

UK seas cover almost 900000 square kilometers, being even more spacious than the actual land of this country. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the nature beauties around this area, so get yourself some time off and forget about all the stress and mundane activities and simply start enjoying a diving weekend in UK. It could be the one activity that saves you from the boring routine you got into or it could be the peak of your passion, considering the abundance of life hiding in the deep blue waters around this country. Enjoy the experience as much as possible and don’t forget to schedule your next trip. Once you go diving in UK, you can never compare the sensation with any other places.

Battery cases explained

Coming in contact with another person in such a manner that is considered to be harmful is known as a battery. It can be regarded as assault but the definition is not complete. Another important aspect of a battery is the fact that the person contacted with has no such consent. The battery is also regarded as a criminal offense and therefore defendant in this regard should make sure that exceptional lawyers are hired for court representation. Solicitors Guru is a directory where battery lawyers can be searched in case you need one. Both direct and indirect contact is regarded as a battery. Standard civil law and criminal law have separate definitions of a battery.

  • Some examples of battery
  • Intentionally colliding a car with another
  • Pushing people in crowd
  • Poisoning the drink
  • Performing treatment on unaffected part
  • Hitting a person with object which strikes

Some issues which are not considered as the battery are tapping on the shoulder to ask a question or hitting a person in self or property defense. However, all this should be proven in court if the defendant wants to be acquitted without charges.

If the defendant is charged with the battery then in UK law it is treated under section 20. There are many factors in this regard which should be considered. Some of them are as under:

Hiring experienced lawyers

The defendant should hire experienced lawyers. There are many law firms in the UK which should be contacted to get the work done. Most of the law firms consist of highly qualified panel lawyers which represent the defendant in the best manner. There are individual lawyers as well which perform up to the level defendant is looking for. Whatever the choice is it is important to note that such lawyers should be chosen with care. The battery is not a small offense in the UK and may land the defendant in prison if the case is not properly represented. However, there is still a possibility to save some cash if solicitor won’t win a case – more info on that matter we found in special no win no fee in UK issue.

Identifying the vulnerabilities

Professional lawyers take into account all the issues which can be faced by defendants if the case is taken to court. Lawyers must also identify the vulnerabilities to ensure that the best outcome is generated for the defendant. If the defendant is wrongfully accused then only experienced lawyers should be hired. It is because the battery is a charge which can easily be proven in court. Expert skills are required for such representation and for this experience is a must skill.

Cross-examining witnesses

Good solicitors in the UK always cross-examine witnesses to gather such points which can lead to the defendant’s release. This examination is done in court which provides leads to the defending lawyer. Easy escape is only possible if lawyer hired examines the witnesses from every possible angle. Special protocols are required for vulnerable witnesses. Cross-examination also includes counter arguments which should be made in such a manner that the defendant gets proper representation. Expert advocacy skills are the only weapon that can make a defendant not guilty and thus release.

Which VPN router to use in 2017

Data integrity and IT cost effectiveness are two main reasons to use VPN by multinationals. However to make full use of the advantages of VPN a good VPN router is also a must. To make the technical decision easy you can check up with reviews of best VPN on AntaNet website. Below is the list of all most renowned routers that should be used for VPN connection in 2017:

  1. TP-Link TL-Wr842nd N300 Multi-Function Wireless Router

TP-link definitely needs no introduction as it is a renowned company that makes routers for all network types. TL-Wr842nd is updated from the previous version that has been launched. Some of the qualities of this router are as under:

  • Multi-functional, can be used with various VPN network devices
  • Cost effectiveness is a feature for which TP link is known for
  • The antennas can be removed which is a superb option for a low-cost device
  • The firmware supports all network types and router can also be installed with DD-WRT for a wider range of options.
  • Option of updating firmware for added options
  1. Asus RT-AC5300

If you are experiencing low VPN connectivity, then this router is definitely worth giving a shot. The best thing is the external antennas that are 8 in number. In terms of technical specs this router surpasses all the other brands in the market. Some features are:

  • Fast connectivity allows you stream 4K video
  • Multi input/output ports make it the best choice for gaming networks
  • With wider tech specs, it is easy to install and configure
  • With four transmit and receive configurations this router transfer data swiftly.
  • The dual-core CPU makes the device even efficient
  1. Linksys Business Gigabit VPN router

Quality and reliability are synonymous to Linksys. The same level of professionalism has been embedded into the making of this device. As the name suggests it is for the business use that requires large VPN setups. Accessing the intranet with this router is secure and safe. Some abilities of the device are:

  • The name depicts that gigabit connections are fully handled by this device which means increased speed.
  • All mobile OS are supported and the devices can be securely connected
  • The layered security allows data encryption that cannot be decrypted by the attacker
  • Minimum use of network devices to transmit data making is safer to use.
  • It is easy to purchase and use additional functions for the device.
  1. ZYXEL 300 Mbps Wireless N Gigabit Firewall VPN Router (Vfg6005n)

The best thing about this router is its portability. Now you can access your company or home intranet on the move with this smart and sleek device. ZYXEL has even made setting up VPN easy and affordable. The features include:

  • No IT professional is needed. Even a novice can operate this router with ease.
  • The router also works if VPN is out of order as it has embedded 3G and 4G modem technology
  • ZYXEL has made VPN connection easy in any environment of this device is used.
  • The data to and from the device is transferred in gigabytes which means fast speed

Construction Sites Organisation & Lifting Equipment Role

The organization of construction and installation work is inextricably linked to technology implementation. The construction of buildings and structures should be carried out in strict accordance with the applicable procedures of works (PPR) and technological rules. These documents highlight the key issues of organization of the construction site, production methods and sequence of installation, the number and qualification of workers in the field, the circuit arrangement of machines, used equipment and accessories.

Technological maps provide the following data: basic instructions for construction and installation process, the work schedule, the circuit layout designs and details on the on-site warehouse with the uninterrupted supply of all phases of construction (installation of foundations, erection of walls, installation of a roof), instructions for slinging designs and a sequence of moving them to the installation site.

Improving the organization and technology

Construction and installation work improvement contributes to way more rational crane functionality use. Truck mounted cranes as mounting machines are used for the installation of low-rise buildings (up to 5 floors) or the underground part of multi-storey buildings. Granada Material Handling Company, a seasoned manufacturing player based in England, focused on a variety of aspects including lifting equipment inspection and lifting equipment services, admits nearly 13% of its customers represent building establishments. As auxiliary machinery mobile cranes form the part of the sets of machines performing installation of buildings and structures for various purposes.

With the construction of low-rise buildings prefabricated mobile cranes are used to unload these elements on the on-site warehouse and move them to the installation site. Installation of the building maintains a separate mechanism. Crane delivers engineering structures and parts to the installation site in their design position, moving around the perimeter of the building under construction. (more…)

Waste Processing Methods: What’s Available?

One of the first advanced recycling technologies, composting, that has undergone numerous is based on natural biodegradation. For this reason, composting is used for processing waste with organic origin. Today, certain composting technologies are available for food waste and undivided flow of solid waste.

Composting process can be centralized and carried out at special sites, representing a processing plants for organic debris. The end products of this process are composts that can be found at a variety of applications in agriculture.

Thermal waste processing

Because household waste contains a high percentage of organic thermal methods are oftentimes used for its recycling. Thermal processing of waste is a set of processes aimed at waste heat exposure required to reduce their size and weight, neutralization, and receiving energy and inert materials (with recycling).

The important advantages of modern methods of thermal processing are:

  • extremely effective disposal of waste (total destruction of pathogenic microorganisms).
  • reduction of waste in volume up to 10 times.
  • the use of the energy potential.

From all the varieties, which can boast considerable efficiency of solid waste processing, incineration is the main common one. The main advantages of incineration are:

  • the high level of reliability
  • mass-produced equipment
  • extended warranty period
  • unsurpassed automation.

The main trend in the development of incineration is the transition from direct combustion of waste to the optimized combustion to fuel fraction and a smooth transition from burning as the liquidation process to burning debris as a process that allows to obtain additional electrical and thermal energy. And the most promising application of plasma technology today is ensuring a temperature higher than the melting point of the slag, which makes it possible to obtain at the output of vitrified product is harmless and useful energy.

Plasma waste processing

Plasma processing waste essentially represents nothing but a waste gasification process. Technological scheme of the method involves obtaining a biological component of waste gas in order to use it to produce steam and electricity. A part of the plasma processing are solids in the form non-pyrolised residues or slag. That is, doubtlessly, one of the most perspective directions, dynamically developed due to both governmental and commercial interest. Perhaps, the main stumbling is cost-efficiency, but such companies as Simdean, focusing on industrial waste disposal, plasma waste disposal and research works (thus, e.g. Simdean has recently revealed the patented technology that significantly cuts down operational expenses).

A clear advantage of high-temperature pyrolysis is that this method enables environmentally friendly and relatively easy process for destroying a variety of household waste without the need for pretreatment, i.e. drying, grading, etc. And of course, the use of this technique today becomes potentially more profitable from an economic point of view. Besides, using this technology resulting output slag product is perfectly safe and can be used for a variety of purposes. Thus, e.g. Simdean promises almost to zero emissions and 100% elimination of harmful substances, which is priceless for pharmaceutical and oil industries in particular.

This is why you are going to love Newsletters

The increasing number of companies begin to give their attention to the collection of extensive data about their customers. Due to the omnipresence of mobile communication, virtually 100% of customers even have a mobile phone, which, of course, allows sending and receiving SMS messages. The rapidly developing mobile ecosystem assists businesses in creating simply stunning conditions for efficient SMS marketing methods implementation.

Through SMS-mailing a company can establish instant rapport with their customers. The goal is hardly achievable in the realms of desktop PCs or mobile devices to the degree of SMS marketing. In addition, the efficiency of SMS marketing campaigns is pretty easy to evaluate. However, the use of mobile phones and desktop versions of software for organizing SMS-mailing excludes the possibility of their implementation in different business processes (CRM-system, accounting software and etc.).

Each company depending on its type and market position tunes the technology to its own needs, mostly using web-interfaces to launch mass mailings, aiming at:

  • attracting new customers,
  • maintaining relationships with old customers,
  • improving communication within the company’s personnel
  • attracting customers to products and services
  • notifying the customers of the latest release, updates and etc.

Another strong SMS marketing advantage is a large percentage of response due to the fact that each message is delivered to the subscriber in person (as opposed to the traditional ways of advertising), plus the subscribers are likely to receive SMS messages rather than tons of email advertising.

Creating a decent newsletter

Here’s a quick guide on how to produce an effective newsletter, kindly prepared by HTP, digital marketing agency Manchester, the company nourishing particular interest in email marketing.

Before you engage in design and produce text content, the target audience should be defined. In the language of marketers, this means you should ‘personally get acquainted with recipients’. Once you figure out the potential subscriber group and inspect their behavior, the process of collecting database and delivering your message will be way simpler.

The types of newsletter subscribers

Let’s consider the example of the users that subscribed to your newsletter through some service or website you run. Who are these people? The type of subscription reveals particularly vital info: thus, the customers are likely to subscribe to your newsletter during checkout, all the rest groups can be referred to general audience. However, if you do not have any subscribers yet, think about the nature of your target audience? What are the best channels and methods to acquire the high quality database? What do you think an average subscriber considers to be vital and valuable?

Treating your subscribers right

If you are a publisher or blogger, your subscribers are likely to be interested in text content. If you are engaged in trading or manufacturing, the potential subscribers may appreciate some juicy info on your products and the ways they can benefit from using them. If you are somewhere in between these two business, ideally, your target audience will consist of your brand fans.

The golden rule is to share something truly captivating, exciting and/or useful. If you are considering the option of acquiring the database, investigate its nature and do your best to find out as many details as you can – split your campaigns into several groups and determine the types of content that you could include in mailing for each group. Therefore, you will certainly make another step to higher conversion. However, if you are looking to dramatically increase the conversion rate, you should better team up with the experts – this is where HTP digital marketing Manchester agency will always come to the rescue, sky-high resutls are guaranteed.

UK Intellectual Property. Limitations of exclusive rights

The article is kindly prepared in cooperation with UMIP experts, the branch of Manchester University that specialises in intellectual property consulting and assistance. Find out what experts say on the real state of affairs of exclusive rights limitations.

Using it legally

One of the cases of authorised use of copyrighted works, in addition to obtaining a license, is established by the legislation limits for exclusive rights when the use of intellectual property is permitted under certain conditions without the consent of copyright holders.

The authors note with regret that the emergence of new or changing old ways of using works never leads to the corresponding transformations of copyright law. As a result, the scope of action allowed for protected works is too narrow, and in some cases limiting the use of new digital technologies and innovations and infringing the public interest (especially in such areas as training and research).

An even more serious problem arises when people in their everyday life use content in ways that, in their view, can not in principle be prohibited: sharing their favorite music files with the family or store music on other devices to listen to it in the car. There is an unjustified discrepancy between people’s needs and norms of the law. At the same time they cannot explain why they are free to read your favorite book to a friend, but can not do the same with regard to digital books, or music. This undermines respect for the law.

In the European Union there is a fairly strict system of such restrictions of exclusive rights, which includes only cases of free use of works for the purpose of criticism, daily news reports, research and archiving. In general, non-commercial purposes. (more…)

All You Should Know About Ultrasonic Cleaning

The use of ultrasound has penetrated a wealth of industrial branches and now it is widely used by zillions of facilities servicing a variety of sector. Ultrasonic cleaning in particular has formed a separate, self-sufficient industry for several good reasons. Thus, ultrasonic cleaning technology is applicable to virtually all industries for removal of coolant, lapping pastes, greases, and for servicing and repair of equipment, removal of operational pollution (AFS salt deposits, of grease, soot, carbon and etc.).

To work effectively it is enough to accommodate the product in the wash solution. To do this, it needs to create a disturbance (bubbling, rocking parts in a solution, etc.), and the most effective source to cause such perturbations is ultrasound.

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning systems is based on ultrasound cavitation phenomenon occurring in a fluid when subjected to intense ultrasonic vibrations. Mechanical vibrations are caused by ultrasonic emitter that transmits elastic waves in the washing liquid that are transformed into pulsating gas bubbles. The bubbles collapse under the influence of acoustic pressure; each bubble slammed is accompanied by a pressure pulse, a local increase in temperature, and the emergence of microjets microcurrents. This creates intense hydrodynamic effects on the treated surface and causes the removal of contaminants from it. Local thermal shocks additionally contribute to efficient cleaning of contaminated surfaces. The emergence of microcurrents and microjets facilitates the introduction and penetration of cavitating cleaning solution in the most difficult of the microcavity and channels of small section that allows you to quickly and efficiently wash contaminants from various parts of complex configuration.

The manufacturers & products

From simple single-chamber devices to complicated, fully automated lines with an ability of integration into the pipeline, the modern manufacturers offer an extensive array of devices. Hilsonic, one of the leading ultrasonic cleaner production players in the UK, offers more than 20 design options with custom features on demand as well as fully-custom solutions. And this is just a single brand.

To get a better understanding of functionality, here’s the overview of out of the box ultrasonic cleaner features:

  • Ultrasound and heater block when the device is open.
  • Protection of electric heater and radiators from ‘dry’ start-up.
  • ‘Drain – overflow’ cleaning solution device
  • Bubbling compressed air solution device.
  • Device for rinsing parts.
  • A sensor monitoring the temperature from 20 to 90°C and performing corresponding operations.
  • Timer with automatic shut-off and countdown from minutes to hours.
  • Adaptive dynamic control of ultrasonic field.
  • Net suspension parts for the customer.
  • Storage for blowing parts with compressed air.
  • Device for connecting an external pump, filter system or auxiliary tank.

Cleaning is carried out in aqueous solutions of environmentally friendly technical detergents. The parts that need cleaning do not require additional recovery after purification or decontamination. The combination of high-intensity ultrasound and environmentally friendly detergents gives new technology advantages over traditional technologies of thermal, mechanical, chemical treatment, and combinations thereof. The method boasts impressive cost-efficiency through replacing manual labor. (more…)